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"If Harvard or Yale (or Duke or Cornell) offered a PhD in “FRIENDSHIP”, Gregg would have been the head professor.  "


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Young Gregg, Circa 1982 (maybe?)

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Gregg's Most Loved, Anndee

Gregg with his hero and dad, Jerry 

Gregg in the news! 

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Gregg with Don Smith, his mentor

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Another memorable dinner with Gregg

No shortage of great times with Gregg!  

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Everyday was a celebration when you were with Gregg! 

That hair & shirt....!!

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The Rapp Extended Family!

Mary Jean & Gregg!!

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Gregg partied with the best of them, even Martha Stewart! 

The first diploma misspelled "privileges" the second is the correction. Gregg got such a kick, he framed both. 

Summer '78: Gregg was always proud of his time studying at Cornell. 

From student to teacher...Gregg continuously shared his expertise with all! 

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Gregg with Frank Bogert, Mayor of Palm Springs

Gregg looking great with a moustache! 

Gregg with a better looking Ben Affleck.

A moustachoued Gregg with family or friends?

Gregg Rapp Birthday Word Cloud (Wansink

A beautiful word cloud on Gregg by Brian's daughters!

Everyone Loves Gregg Rapp (11-11-20) - w

Gregg with Brian and family!

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Gregg at Which Wich HQ with founder, Jeff, who pulled out a confetti cannon to celebrate his day with Gregg. 

Menu Engineering in Moscow!

A "g" is missing but Gregg LOVED his name card from a dinner party so much he brought it to Russia to take this photo.

Gregg absolutely crushing it at the National Restaurant Association Convention in Chicago 2016.  He PACKED the house at all his speaking engagements!

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A few words from Tom...


Gregg’s life, his work, his friendships, the impact he has made on so many of us lives on.  We celebrate what he has meant to each of us.  We cherish his kindness.  We marvel at his science, his art, and his insights changing the way we think about menus in the hospitality industry and beyond.  Most of all, anyone who has met Gregg has felt his profound goodness.  I refuse to write Gregg’s obituary because all of what made Gregg special lives on.


If Harvard or Yale (or Duke or Cornell) offered a PhD in “FRIENDSHIP”, Gregg would be the head professor.  Not only was he generous to his friends, but he was also generous WITH his friends.  As a true super-connector, his vast number of friends has become a vast group of friendships.  There are no dividing lines between those of us who knew Gregg personally and the thousands of clients he called friends. We have all been lucky enough to know one of the best of us.  I refuse to write Gregg’s obituary because those friendships will always connect us all together.


As one of Gregg’s friends reading this who knew him well, we all have more stories that would have everyone rolling and laughing than would fit on this love letter to Gregg.  There is no doubt everyone has similar delightful stories to tell as well. Wouldn’t it be great to share those stories?  Please do.


If you were one of the thousands of people who worked with Gregg on menus or were fortunate enough to see him speak at conventions and venues around the world, you also have stories to tell about the impact he made on your company, your vision, or on you personally.  Those stories would be amazing for us all to know.


If you are one of those who were never fortunate enough to encounter Gregg Rapp and his menu work, you really need to go to his website, to learn about his amazing journey as the LEADING EXPERT IN THE WORLD in his field. 


Gregg’s mother and father Jane and Gerald Rapp (from Dayton Ohio where Gregg was born in 1958)  are embracing him again. Gregg deeply loves his brother Jerry and his nieces and nephews.  Gregg’s life and legacy lives on, and although I refuse to write his obituary, his phone number has been disconnected and I will miss calling him every single day.  Trust me, he fought bravely without complaint.  His many many friends surrounded him with love. He will be missed. 


Send your stories to Tom Frank at  We will find a way to bring them to life for everyone.

Old Televisions and Radios

On July 16, 2020 -- Gregg was the featured Menu Engineering expert on To Tell The Truth -- a gameshow he loved from childhood that was re-booted!

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 Keep Moving forward! 

 Change the World one menu at a time! 

in loving memory of

Gregory Thomas Rapp

1958 - 2020

Questions? Contact Sean via email: