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in loving memory of

Gregory Thomas Rapp

1958 - 2020


 Join us in supporting

 at Washington State University



The Gregg Rapp Menu Engineering Scholarship helps fund students at WSU who are studying hospitality, menu design and menu engineering as a career.

Professor Emeritus and former Dean of The Hotel School at Cornell University, Sherri Kimes, established the Gregg Rapp Menu Engineering Scholarship as a gift to him for his years of great friendship and collaborative work.


Speaking of Gregg, Kimes says she “is constantly amazed by his kindness and humor.”  As a lauded expert in restaurant management and author of dozens of articles on revenue management in the hotel, restaurant and golf industries, Kimes explains the scholarship’s objective: “I see it as helping students pursue their dreams in the restaurant industry.”


About Gregg

"Gregg loved and enjoyed working with large-scale business operations and small mom-and-pop eateries alike.  He felt every establishment that has a menu could use his critical eye for details on how the menu looks, feels, reads, how prices are positioned and de-emphasized - all in order to maximize a restaurant’s profits. His motto for his successful business was “Improve the world one menu at a time!”

Gregg somehow roams within the psyches of restaurant customers, and understands how and why they order what they do. This is an extraordinary and rare talent,”


-Ned Barker, Founder and CEO of food and beverage consulting firm Grill Ventures International.

Learn more about Gregg's work here at:

Gregg was thrilled to extend this scholarship opportunity to WSU students and is aiming to create a platoon of Menu Engineers to help all types of food service and hospitality establishments for years to come! 


Change the world one menu at a time!

- Gregg Rapp, Menu Engineer

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