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in loving memory of

Gregory Thomas Rapp

1958 - 2020


 Join us in supporting The 

 at Washington State University



The Gregg Rapp Menu Engineering Scholarship helps fund students at WSU who are studying hospitality, menu design and menu engineering as a career.

Professor Emeritus and former Dean of The Hotel School at Cornell University, Sherri Kimes, established the Gregg Rapp Menu Engineering Scholarship as a gift to him for his years of great friendship and collaborative work.


Speaking of Gregg, Kimes says she “is constantly amazed by his kindness and humor.”  As a lauded expert in restaurant management and author of dozens of articles on revenue management in the hotel, restaurant and golf industries, Kimes explains the scholarship’s objective: “I see it as helping students pursue their dreams in the restaurant industry.”


About Gregg

"Gregg loved and enjoyed working with large-scale business operations and small mom-and-pop eateries alike.  He felt every establishment that has a menu could use his critical eye for details on how the menu looks, feels, reads, how prices are positioned and de-emphasized - all in order to maximize a restaurant’s profits. His motto for his successful business was “Improve the world one menu at a time!”

Gregg somehow roams within the psyches of restaurant customers, and understands how and why they order what they do. This is an extraordinary and rare talent,”


-Ned Barker, Founder and CEO of food and beverage consulting firm Grill Ventures International.

Learn more about Gregg's work here at:

Gregg was thrilled to extend this scholarship opportunity to WSU students and is aiming to create a platoon of Menu Engineers to help all types of food service and hospitality establishments for years to come! 


Change the world one menu at a time!

- Gregg Rapp, Menu Engineer

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